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  • David Gilberts

    David Gilberts

    #Cybersecurity Consultant @ #Spectrum Enterprise

  • Wayne Sadin

    Wayne Sadin

    Transformational #COO/#CIO/#CTO/#CDO, #CEO/#Board #Advisor, Independent #Director, #NACD Board #Governance Fellow. When you outgrow your IT Department, call me!

  • John Andrews

    John Andrews

    Mary Catherine’s Dad, Mary Shannon’s Husband, Shopper Marketer, Duke Fan, Hiker, Collective Bias Co-Founder, Walmart Elevenmoms maker, Slow Driver

  • NOku / nobody knows us

    NOku / nobody knows us

    creative quiet riot / noku.co

  • Dariya Lopukhina

    Dariya Lopukhina

    Head of marketing at an IT company. Blogger, content enthusiast, beer lover and Siberian husky fan.

  • LaRae Quy

    LaRae Quy

    Former counterintelligence FBI agent | Mental Toughness Center | Consultant | Speaker | Author: Secrets of A Strong Mind, & Mental Toughness for Women Leaders

  • Antonio Grasso

    Antonio Grasso

    Entrepreneur, technologist, sustainability passionate | FRSA | Digital creator & B2B influencer | Author, mentor, researcher, speaker | Founder & CEO @dbi.srl

  • Blair Glaser

    Blair Glaser

    Women’s leadership expert. Relationship healer. Writer. Soul spelunker. Dog mom.

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